Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Stars

Hi Guys! 
Welcome to my blog!
If you're my friend or know me in real life, a few rules:
1) Please don't bring this up, it'll make me feel awkward
2) Please don't scream about it in school, it'll make me feel awkward
3) Please continue to read if you happen to know about it, your support means a lot!

If you don't know me in real life, hello, my name's Molly and this is my blog. I'm going to be sharing with you general stories from my life, pictures of what I've been doing (as an excuse to take yet more pictures then I already do) and other things that take my fancy really.

This post is going to be about a thought that occurred to me at 3AM the other night when I was dangling out of my best friends attic looking at the sky. As you do.

My friend has 4 floors in her house, and on the top there's just a tiny little attic room. The two of us where up there in the middle of the night just talking about life. It was in no way the best night for star gazing, as it was mainly cloudy and very cold. It's nearly the end of December after all. The two of us being the people that we are we where having a very in depth conversation about how we view the sky.
The sky, at first glance, appeared so dark that we were unable to see anything at all, not even the rooftops and chimneys straight opposite, but after a while, once our eyes had adjusted, everything was pretty much clear. At that moment, the two of us could not see a single other human being. For all we knew we could have been the last two on the planet. The very last. For there was nothing at all in our view that showed signs of human life.
It was this that lead us to our conversation on how we see the sky. We both agreed that you could look at it as an immense amount of freedom, a portal that held nothing but the unknown. It literally is a never ending blackness and it's up to you to imagine what's out there. When you look at it like this it seems positive. Scary, yes, but positive, in a "the world is my oyster" type of way. 
However the longer we stood there the more I couldn't help but think, well actually, no. The sky is a blanket which is smothering earth. We're all, every single one of us, trapped under it. Trapped with murders, terrorists, ghosts (if you believe in them) and we have no escape. I stood and thought about this for a while before voicing it to Erin. She agreed and we (or maybe just I, I don't know if she thought it too) realised that no matter what the situation, may it be the sky, or life in general. There is nearly always two ways of looking at it. An opptomistic way and a pesemistic way. Your life is going to be ruled by which ever way you look at things.

That's very deep and meaningful and meaningless all at the same time but I just wanted to write it down and share it with you guys on the internet, so that you too, next time you're watching the stars can think about how there are two sides to what you're looking at.

I hope you all have an amazing christmas, wherever under the stars you are!
Molly :)