Friday, 2 October 2015

10 Things to love about October:

Hello guys! 
Would you look at that, I'm actually posting to my blog again!
Anyway, as I'm sure you are aware, it is now October! Which other than the obvious (Halloween etc) it means only one thing: CHRISTMAS IS COMING!
October is my favourite month of the year for many reasons, so I thought I'd share with you rabid readers my top 10:

1) It's my birthday!
Now this might not be relatable for all of you, as you're obviously not all born in October, but my birthday is October 20th and I'm super excited as this year it's my 16th! I'm having my sweet sixteenth! I don't know how I've got to be 16, the last two years have been a crazy blur, but yeah, that's coming up and I'm so excited!
2)Hull Fair.
 Just before that my local city have a fair. I'm sure a lot of you are aware by now that I live just outside of Hull (Kingston upon Hull) in the North East of England, and in the second or third week in October Hull fair comes to town! Basically it's full of rides and stalls and food and loud music and basically it's the place to be and it's the centre of attention for most of October, and once Hull fair is over you know Christmas is on the way! I'll be vlogging it this year if you're not getting what I mean, this is a photo taken there last year:

3) Autumn walks.
One of my favourite things to do in October is go for walks, because it's warm enough to be outside, as long as you're quite wrapped up, but it's cold enough for it to feel like Winter is on the way, and I love this especially because the colours are so vivid that I love taking photo's and now I have my Canon I'll be out there snapping away!
4) Youtube.
Autumn themed YouTube videos are one of my favourite things, I'm guilty of uploading them, yes they're everywhere, but I love it! They're so festive and Christmas is creeping into all of them! Recently I've been loving Eve Bennett's Autumn themed videos, as well as Zoe's - obviously.
5) Travelling.
During the month of October there is a half term (in England at least) meaning I get a week off school, which is always amazing, but I usually go away during this week, even if it's just for day trips or down to London, but this year I'm going to Nice, France, with school, and I'm flying for the first time on my own (Without my parents) which I'm so excited for! It's been years since I went to Monte Carlo, so I can't wait for that!! (And yes I will be vlogging it!)
6) Starbucks:
This might sound like an odd one, but in late September Starbucks bring their Autumn drinks out, and I love how 'instagramable' their cups are, the Spiced Latte is one of my favourites! If you happen to find yourself in a Starbucks, I'd definitely recommend it!
7) Halloween!
How did I get to 7 without mentioning Halloween? Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year, and probably the most memorable October event, especially if you live out in the US, I was really kindly sent this Snow White Costume by a lovely company called Smiffys, and I'm super excited to get use out of it! 
Their link:
8) Skincare:
I feel like Superdrug and The Body Shop and other skin care places really get into Autumn products throughout October, and MrBeanBody really kindly sent me their coffee body scrub which not only smells amazing but keeps your skin super soft and in good condition, as the colder weather hits it's important to keep hydrated! I'd really recommend it!
Their link:
9) Fairy Lights:
I'm a huge lover of lights, I don't know if you'd noticed, but I feel like coloured fairy lights are acceptable to be brought back around this time of year, even though I've been using them all year, October feels a good time to really start wopping the fairy lights out and snuggling up to YouTube in the dark
10) Dark nights:
That leads me to my last love of the month: Dark Nights. October is when the clocks go back, meaning cosy nights in officially begin. Don't get me wrong I love summer nights, being able to go out after school and having longer days, but there's something about shutting the curtains and closing the world out and snuggling down to Netflix and a cosy candle with the family, it's just something special about this time of year and I love it! Especially when Christmas films start creeping onto the television!
I hope this has inspired you to consider reasons why you love October, I feel like that's when the drastic change to "winter happens".
If you, like me, have your birthday this month then Happy Birthday month! 
I shall see you all next Friday for another post!
Much Love!
M x

Friday, 25 September 2015

My Autumn Essentials...

Hey guys! 
Longggg time no blog (who noticed the Jim Chapman reference?)
As I'm sure you're all aware, whether it be from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or wherever, Autumn is upon us again! This makes me so so crazy excited, because everything exciting happens in Autumn (including this year my 16th Birthday!) The nights get darker, there air gets colder, "sweater weather" becomes a thing and everything becomes a lot more photogenic! I'm so excited! 
I thought I'd share with you my Autumn essentials today, as it's been a while without a blog post and I promised myself I'd use it more so these are my Autumn essentials:
First up is a dark lipstick, I feel this is a pretty staple thing to have, everyone has personal favourites, mine is MAC in the shade - Media. I really love this as its a deep dark purple with an undertone of Red. It's a lustre finish and I really like this! 
The second photo is an Autumnal shade nailvarnish. For me I can't actually wear nail varnish all that often because I'm in school most of the time and my school are overly tight with rules on nail varnish so it's just not worth it. But these are the ones I'm wearing on the weekends. 
First on the left is Rimmel London in 320 Rapid Ruby, the next is one by Fearne Cotton, in the colour Heart Ache and the last one is a leather look from Claire's accessories, and this doesn't have a name (why would you do that Claires?!) I'm also really loving white nails at the moment too, as you'll see if you watched my last video!
My next Autumn and Winter must is a good pair of boots! I picked these ones up today and these are from New Look, I love the tarten turn ups on these, I don't know if you can see because of the way I've edited the photo but they have two layers of fabric and they lace up half way. Also skinny jeans tuck in really nicely. I'm super excited to wear these whilst walking over leaves and snow!

A defitinate favourite for the winter months is a warm drink in a cute mug. Yes you saw this right, this mug has Santa's on it. But heyyy, it's almost October, Santa's pretty much on his way... right?  
I love having hot chocolate on cold nights, and this is my favourite mug ever for the winter time as it says "dear Santa, define nice?" and I just think this is really cute and quite me. This is just from Primark. 
Another thing from this photo that I love is my new mustard jumper, I won't go into depths as it featured in my most recent video but it's from H&M

My last Autumn essential that I think is crucial is a good pair of Slippers and / or fluffy socks. These are my absolute favourites at the moment as they're so warm and snug and look cute with everything. These were £3 from Primark and I'll definitley be purchasing another pair before Winter is over!

That's everything I have to share with you today! I hope that you too are feeling the Autumn vibes, I know I really am! I love this time of year as everything exciting happens and while it might be quite early, there is a whisper of Christmas on the horizon, after all, it's three months today!
I hope this inspired some of you as these are all affordable Autumn items (nice illiteration there Molly) that are great for everyone!
From now on I'm going to be writing a blog post every Friday at 7pm!
See you then! It'd be nice to see any feedback!
See you soon!
M x

Friday, 14 August 2015

My Summer Favourites So Far...

I've decided to re-vamp my blog a little, as it's something I really want to get into more and after watching Alfie Deyes' 90 day challenge this was the first thing that sprung to mind!
After having a little think I chose to do a blog post on my Summer Favourites, I was going to make a video but I don't really have a spare week and I also think that this is a good post to start this back off!
So I'm going to start off with some beauty favourites, because they're my overall general life favourites!
So my ultimate makeup favourite this month has definitely been eyeshadow, as I haven't been at school recently, I've had a lot of time to experiment with different colours. I bought myself a sleek palette, something that I'd wanted for ages. This is the Au Natural palette, my favourite colours are Toast (Top Right) and Moss (Second on the Left on the bottom Row) This was only £8 and definitely worth the money! 
I've also really been loving not wearing foundation, but my skin isn't perfect so I've been using a higher coverage concealer, the Collection Lasting Perfection in the Shade 3, Medium, I love it! However it's a little too dark for me now as when I bought it I clearly had more of a tan!
Finally (in this picture) I re-discovered the Benefit They're real, and as I have an eye makeup remover that can bring it off properly now (as I had simple I struggled getting it all off) I really like it and it definitley is one of my favourite high end mascara's, I have three! Oops:) 

Starting with the picture on the Top Left, I've really been enjoying Lush this summer, as they've released a whole new range as they brought out their Oxford Street Range, originally exclusive to Oxford Street (which I was lucky enough to visit and I can say is HUGEE!) However now has been brought to all stores, The two in this picture are the Bath Bomb 'Intergalactic' and the Bubble Bar 'Big Bang' that make the best combination together to make the Bath the most vivid shade of Blue!
The Skirt in the next picture is my favourite item of clothing this month, it's nothing particularly exciting as it's only from Primark, but this looks so nice with a plain white top and as it's summer I'm slightly tanned it looks really nice with tanned legs. I think this would also look amazing on a beach somewhere, but if you dress it up with heels it's also quite going out-y
As for skincare, my favourites at the moment is the Clinique Take the Day off Eye Makeup remover, this literally takes off everything, literally any eye makeup, it's more of an oil then a liquid and I think that's why it works so well! I've also really been loving the Simple Clenser and Toner, they where actually the first two I've tried and I can't see myself ever changing it up! They're amazing:)
The last image are my lip favourites, I've been loving these two together! The lipstick is the YSL in Number 17, Rose Dahlia, and the lipgloss is Urban Decay Naked in the colour Sesso, these two together make such a gorgeous orange based pink colour which I think goes perfectly for summer and also matches the skirt really well! 
These are just my random favourites of the Summer, The Body Wash if by The Body Shop, in the Scent (is that what you'd call it) Satsuma, and I'm not always the biggest fan of Orange, but I love this! It's so summery and perfect, when I get in the shower it smells like Hawaii (not that I've ever been, but how I imagine it to smell) it's also really moisturising!
The necklace and sunglasses are just accessories, also from Primark, I spoke about them in a Haul Video of mine a while back so I won't go on, but I just think the necklace is so pretty and adds detail to any plain top, which I really like, I also love how it's not too over the top. The sunglasses where a brave buy for me, as I didn't know how well I could pull of circular sunglasses without just looking like either Harry Potter or John Lennon, but I actually really like how they look and Primark Sunglasses are soooo affordable!
Finally, the Nail Varnish is by BarryM in the Shade 'Mediterranean' which changes between Pink and Gold in different lights, this is just the final add to any outfit and I love how shiny and gliterry it looks yet still feeling smooth! BarryM is always a win for nail varnish 
That's basically everything, I'm sorry if that feels sort of rushed but I didn't want to go on and on haha. Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram what you think of me restarting my blog up!
I'll be sure to see you all soon!
Much love, Molly x

Thursday, 11 June 2015

I want to have a little rant...

Bonsoir chumps,
I wasn't planning on writing a blog post today, but something that was said to me earlier in school has really stuck in my mind and really annoyed / upset me so I thought I'd inform you on it.
I was speaking to my maths teacher - (always a mistake) about GCSE's and life after them etc and I said that, although it is very important that I pass my maths exam, I said it wouldn't be the be all and end all of my life if I didn't.
Said teacher then went on and told me about how "you can't get a good job without it" and "you wouldn't get into any university" and "you will never earn enough money to live off without it"
While this did annoy me, this isn't the point I'm making. He then went on to ask me to name a job where you don't need a maths GCSE, to which I replied "A youtuber?"
This I knew immidietly was a mistake because teachers / the older generation don't understand what this is, though surprisingly he had actually heard of Zoella. This is still not what annoyed me, what really upet me and made me really re-consider my opinion on teachers was the comment that came next he said, and I quote this:
"like you could ever earn enough money to live off youtube"
I know full well that he most likely didn't intend to mean it in the way that he did, but that fact that he also went on to say how "it's not a proper job" "you can't make money from that" "you'd only do that if you where a bit thick" just made me wonder, at what point did the whole 'teacher's supporting their students' thing end.
I also realise how he wouldn't understand what youtube is properly, but the fact that he continued to slate it after I'd explained what it is upset me a little.
I don't really know what the point I'm trying to make here is, but I just really don't think that it is okay for a teacher to tell a student that they're not going to become what they want when they leave school, is that not the complete wrong message that adults are putting across to students?
I do understand that it is ridiculously unlikely that I could ever become a youtuber - but the fact that he said I couldn't makes me want to prove a point that I could..
I don't really know what I'm trying to say other then you go after whatever you want.
Do not let anybody tell you that you can't because you can.
It doesn't matter what you're maths teacher thinks ;)

See y'all soon!! Mx

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Spring Garden Party!

Hi Chumps!
Sorry I haven't caught up with you guys for a while, I just haven't had that much to blog about as I've had a couple of exams and stressful things (although I did go and see The Vamps live in Birmingham and that was very jazzy, there is a vlog on my Youtube Channel if you want to see that though) that are really not worth writing about, however last night changed that!
Today is one of my really good friends, Gabi's birthday, and last night was her party.
Gabi has an amazing garden and also fancies herself somewhat of a chef (in a good way Gabs) so she combinded the two and had a garden party making Pizza's.
It was really really enjoyable and it was a really pleasant experience as it was speant with people I wouldn't ususally spend time with and I really enjoyed it!
I also took several pictures that I want to share because Gabi has possible the most photogenic garden I've ever seen:

I haven't even edited these in anyway, which I usually would do, but I think they look really cute natural and I really do love little things like this.
I often end my blog posts with a motto or something to think about and I don't really have that this time, but Gabi had the cutest garden, and there was something about hanging out there after dark with all the fairy lights on, completely chilled out, surrounded by my friends that made me really content. Katie and I lay looking at the stars contemplating life for a good fifteen minutes and its moments like that that I know I'll remember. I think the point I'm trying to prove is that you don't have to go very far to have a good time, you don't need to pay a lot of money, because it's memories like these that mean more...
I feel like that got very deep very quickly but you know what I mean
Much Love,
M x

Monday, 20 April 2015

It depends which way you look

Bonjour (That's hello for all you none French folk;)
 I was walking with my brother the other day, and it was very sunny and spring like and I looked around for a while, and where I live (though I'm lucky to live in a nice area) in general gets a very bad reputation, and I was in the centre of a very busy park (imagine it as the central park of Hull, though not quite as big. Or nice. So not really like that at all) and I was watching the world go by. Everyone was so busy and people weren't really appriciated that it was a nice day with actual warmth in the sun for the first time in about nine months.
I took this opportunity to (again) take several pictures, I've chosen a few that I think show it off best:)

These where taken at Beverley Westwood, and East Park in Hull, the majority of you won't know where they are, but that's okay, just know that when people say that all of Hull (and the surrounding area) is run down and grotty, they don't know where to look. My brother said something to me as we crossed the bridge over the water, because as you look out one way, it's muddy grass and wasteland, but when you look across the other way there's tree's just coming into blossom and the water that looks like it glitters in the sun, and Harry said "look at that, it's like life, there's good and bad, it just depends which way you turn your head." I though that was a pretty deep analysis for a twelve year old.
Also bare in mind that I'd just got back from New York City when I took these pictures, so the contrast was astounding, but although I miss it like crazy, and I'd give anything to go back, this is my home town, and it always will be ;)
See you all soon chums ;)
M x

Friday, 17 April 2015

It's been a while

Hi Guys! 
It's been a while, as I'm sure you're all aware, but I wanted to start this blog up again and actually keep on top of it because blogging is something I love doing, it's just finding the time.
So as I'm sure many of you guys are aware last week I went to New York City and it was honestly one of the best weeks of my life! I had such a good time, I saw so many amazing and moving things and I'd do it all again without thinking about it.
This post isn't going to have a deep and thoughtful meaning, I just wanted to share my experience with you guys on the internet in a way that wasn't a video or an instagram post, so I thought back to my blog and well that's what I'm doing!
So I was out and about on the streets of Manhattan for six days, and in those six days I took a considerable amount of photos, I'm not going to share them all with you, or I'd probably double the capacity of the internet, I'll just show you my favourites:

 These are just a couple of my favourites!
Whilst I was there I learned a lot, and not specifically educational, it's a different lifestyle completely over there, especially compared to me who lives in a tiny town in suburban England, it was a really different way of life and I loved it! So to anyone reading out there in the US, believe me when I say you do it different over there (you definitely do pancakes better!!) But I had such an amazing week and I really want to share that with the internet, whether you care or not, because I think blogging and youtube is an amazing way to look back on the best memories, because often the best memories are the ones you don't know you're making!
So I'll see you around very soon chums!
M x