Friday, 2 October 2015

10 Things to love about October:

Hello guys! 
Would you look at that, I'm actually posting to my blog again!
Anyway, as I'm sure you are aware, it is now October! Which other than the obvious (Halloween etc) it means only one thing: CHRISTMAS IS COMING!
October is my favourite month of the year for many reasons, so I thought I'd share with you rabid readers my top 10:

1) It's my birthday!
Now this might not be relatable for all of you, as you're obviously not all born in October, but my birthday is October 20th and I'm super excited as this year it's my 16th! I'm having my sweet sixteenth! I don't know how I've got to be 16, the last two years have been a crazy blur, but yeah, that's coming up and I'm so excited!
2)Hull Fair.
 Just before that my local city have a fair. I'm sure a lot of you are aware by now that I live just outside of Hull (Kingston upon Hull) in the North East of England, and in the second or third week in October Hull fair comes to town! Basically it's full of rides and stalls and food and loud music and basically it's the place to be and it's the centre of attention for most of October, and once Hull fair is over you know Christmas is on the way! I'll be vlogging it this year if you're not getting what I mean, this is a photo taken there last year:

3) Autumn walks.
One of my favourite things to do in October is go for walks, because it's warm enough to be outside, as long as you're quite wrapped up, but it's cold enough for it to feel like Winter is on the way, and I love this especially because the colours are so vivid that I love taking photo's and now I have my Canon I'll be out there snapping away!
4) Youtube.
Autumn themed YouTube videos are one of my favourite things, I'm guilty of uploading them, yes they're everywhere, but I love it! They're so festive and Christmas is creeping into all of them! Recently I've been loving Eve Bennett's Autumn themed videos, as well as Zoe's - obviously.
5) Travelling.
During the month of October there is a half term (in England at least) meaning I get a week off school, which is always amazing, but I usually go away during this week, even if it's just for day trips or down to London, but this year I'm going to Nice, France, with school, and I'm flying for the first time on my own (Without my parents) which I'm so excited for! It's been years since I went to Monte Carlo, so I can't wait for that!! (And yes I will be vlogging it!)
6) Starbucks:
This might sound like an odd one, but in late September Starbucks bring their Autumn drinks out, and I love how 'instagramable' their cups are, the Spiced Latte is one of my favourites! If you happen to find yourself in a Starbucks, I'd definitely recommend it!
7) Halloween!
How did I get to 7 without mentioning Halloween? Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year, and probably the most memorable October event, especially if you live out in the US, I was really kindly sent this Snow White Costume by a lovely company called Smiffys, and I'm super excited to get use out of it! 
Their link:
8) Skincare:
I feel like Superdrug and The Body Shop and other skin care places really get into Autumn products throughout October, and MrBeanBody really kindly sent me their coffee body scrub which not only smells amazing but keeps your skin super soft and in good condition, as the colder weather hits it's important to keep hydrated! I'd really recommend it!
Their link:
9) Fairy Lights:
I'm a huge lover of lights, I don't know if you'd noticed, but I feel like coloured fairy lights are acceptable to be brought back around this time of year, even though I've been using them all year, October feels a good time to really start wopping the fairy lights out and snuggling up to YouTube in the dark
10) Dark nights:
That leads me to my last love of the month: Dark Nights. October is when the clocks go back, meaning cosy nights in officially begin. Don't get me wrong I love summer nights, being able to go out after school and having longer days, but there's something about shutting the curtains and closing the world out and snuggling down to Netflix and a cosy candle with the family, it's just something special about this time of year and I love it! Especially when Christmas films start creeping onto the television!
I hope this has inspired you to consider reasons why you love October, I feel like that's when the drastic change to "winter happens".
If you, like me, have your birthday this month then Happy Birthday month! 
I shall see you all next Friday for another post!
Much Love!
M x