Friday, 25 September 2015

My Autumn Essentials...

Hey guys! 
Longggg time no blog (who noticed the Jim Chapman reference?)
As I'm sure you're all aware, whether it be from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or wherever, Autumn is upon us again! This makes me so so crazy excited, because everything exciting happens in Autumn (including this year my 16th Birthday!) The nights get darker, there air gets colder, "sweater weather" becomes a thing and everything becomes a lot more photogenic! I'm so excited! 
I thought I'd share with you my Autumn essentials today, as it's been a while without a blog post and I promised myself I'd use it more so these are my Autumn essentials:
First up is a dark lipstick, I feel this is a pretty staple thing to have, everyone has personal favourites, mine is MAC in the shade - Media. I really love this as its a deep dark purple with an undertone of Red. It's a lustre finish and I really like this! 
The second photo is an Autumnal shade nailvarnish. For me I can't actually wear nail varnish all that often because I'm in school most of the time and my school are overly tight with rules on nail varnish so it's just not worth it. But these are the ones I'm wearing on the weekends. 
First on the left is Rimmel London in 320 Rapid Ruby, the next is one by Fearne Cotton, in the colour Heart Ache and the last one is a leather look from Claire's accessories, and this doesn't have a name (why would you do that Claires?!) I'm also really loving white nails at the moment too, as you'll see if you watched my last video!
My next Autumn and Winter must is a good pair of boots! I picked these ones up today and these are from New Look, I love the tarten turn ups on these, I don't know if you can see because of the way I've edited the photo but they have two layers of fabric and they lace up half way. Also skinny jeans tuck in really nicely. I'm super excited to wear these whilst walking over leaves and snow!

A defitinate favourite for the winter months is a warm drink in a cute mug. Yes you saw this right, this mug has Santa's on it. But heyyy, it's almost October, Santa's pretty much on his way... right?  
I love having hot chocolate on cold nights, and this is my favourite mug ever for the winter time as it says "dear Santa, define nice?" and I just think this is really cute and quite me. This is just from Primark. 
Another thing from this photo that I love is my new mustard jumper, I won't go into depths as it featured in my most recent video but it's from H&M

My last Autumn essential that I think is crucial is a good pair of Slippers and / or fluffy socks. These are my absolute favourites at the moment as they're so warm and snug and look cute with everything. These were £3 from Primark and I'll definitley be purchasing another pair before Winter is over!

That's everything I have to share with you today! I hope that you too are feeling the Autumn vibes, I know I really am! I love this time of year as everything exciting happens and while it might be quite early, there is a whisper of Christmas on the horizon, after all, it's three months today!
I hope this inspired some of you as these are all affordable Autumn items (nice illiteration there Molly) that are great for everyone!
From now on I'm going to be writing a blog post every Friday at 7pm!
See you then! It'd be nice to see any feedback!
See you soon!
M x

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  1. aw i love your blog! Your photos are so nice and cosy haha. New blog is post up, feel free to take a look x