Monday, 20 April 2015

It depends which way you look

Bonjour (That's hello for all you none French folk;)
 I was walking with my brother the other day, and it was very sunny and spring like and I looked around for a while, and where I live (though I'm lucky to live in a nice area) in general gets a very bad reputation, and I was in the centre of a very busy park (imagine it as the central park of Hull, though not quite as big. Or nice. So not really like that at all) and I was watching the world go by. Everyone was so busy and people weren't really appriciated that it was a nice day with actual warmth in the sun for the first time in about nine months.
I took this opportunity to (again) take several pictures, I've chosen a few that I think show it off best:)

These where taken at Beverley Westwood, and East Park in Hull, the majority of you won't know where they are, but that's okay, just know that when people say that all of Hull (and the surrounding area) is run down and grotty, they don't know where to look. My brother said something to me as we crossed the bridge over the water, because as you look out one way, it's muddy grass and wasteland, but when you look across the other way there's tree's just coming into blossom and the water that looks like it glitters in the sun, and Harry said "look at that, it's like life, there's good and bad, it just depends which way you turn your head." I though that was a pretty deep analysis for a twelve year old.
Also bare in mind that I'd just got back from New York City when I took these pictures, so the contrast was astounding, but although I miss it like crazy, and I'd give anything to go back, this is my home town, and it always will be ;)
See you all soon chums ;)
M x


  1. Hi molly i love your blog and your youtube channel. I have a blog myself and wondered if you might take a look. I love this post by the way. Thank you
    MyJournal x

    1. Of coure! I'll check your blog out now ;)x